General Characteristics
Nominal Overall Diameter 306 mm 12 in
Nominal Voice Coil Diameter 32 mm 1.26 in
Magnet Weight 300 g 11 oz
Overall Weight 1.9 kg 4.19 lbs
Flux Density 0.98 T
Voice Coil Winding Depth 8 mm 0.31 in
Magnetic Gap Depth 6 mm 0.24 in
Thiele-Small Parameters
Nominal Impedance 16Ω 32Ω
Voice Coil DC Resistance RE 5.6 Ω 12.45 Ω 25.2 Ω
Resonance Frequency ƒS 90.5 Hz 90 Hz 85.6 Hz
Mechanical Q Factor QMS 11.57 12.68 10.94
Electrical Q Factor QES 3.33
Total Q Factor QTS 2.03 2.3 2.55
Mechanical Moving Mass MMS 26.8 g 25.9 g 25.3 g
Mechanical Compliance CMS 115 µm/N 122 µm/N 138 µm/N
Force Factor BxL 5.88 Wb/m 8.05 Wb/m 10.15 Wb/m
Equivalent Acoustic Volume VAS 39.5 lt. 41.2 lt. 46.6 lt.
Maximum Linear Displacement XMAX ± 1 mm ± 1 mm ± 1 mm
Reference Efficiency nO 1.42 % 1.02 % 0.84 %
Diaphragm Area SD 490.9 cm2 490.9 cm2 490 cm2
Losses Electrical Resistance RES 25.5 Ω 56.3 Ω 82.7 Ω
Voice Coil Inductance @ 1kHz LE 0.67 mH 0.6 mH 1.59 mH
Constructive Characteristics
Magnet Alnico
Voice Coil Winding Copper
Voice Coil Former Nomex
Cone Material Paper
Surround Material Integrated Paper
Dust Dome Material Solid Paper
Basket Material Pressed Sheet Steel
Surround Treatment No
Electrical Characteristics
Nominal Impedance 16Ω 32Ω
Rated Power 40 W 40 W 40 W
Musical Power 80 W 80 W 80 W
Sensitivity@1W,1m 94.4 dB 96.1 dB 92.3 dB
40 watts
Available in 8Ω, 16Ω, 32Ω

The P12Q is a lower power sibling to the P12N, with a smaller voice coil and a vintage steel basket, nicknamed the “hot dog” or “sausage” because of the shape of the openings in its basket frame. Warm and balanced sounding, with a nice bite in the upper midrange, it is a very interesting allrounder, for many different applications from the traditional country and jazz tones to the more aggressive rock and roll and blues application. Typically it was found in ‘holy grail’ amps such as the vintage Tweed Deluxe and other similar models as well as the Ampeg® Jet, Gibson® GA-20 and many more.

Guitarist Description
Very warm, mid-focused bite with clear bright highs. When presented with overdrive distortion it remains well balanced.
Specification Sheet
Product Dimensions
Note: all dimensions are in mm.
User Reviews

It is both bold AND clear, nicely touch sensitive with both single coils and humbuckers, with happily restrained bass and bright mid-highs; when overdriven it puts out that fantastic, authentic "american" 3D grit on the mids. I've put Jensen P12Qs RI on all my american amps where alnico is required (5E3 Tweed Deluxe, 6G3 "Brown" Deluxe and 5E8-A Tweed Twin), and I'm finally done and happy, these are the speakers around which early Fender circuits were built and are mandatory to make them sound properly. Just listen to any old Chess recording and compare: Jensen reissues sound unquestionably like old Jensens used to when they were brand new, in '50s and '60s. You can't get more vintage and historically accurate than this.

Andrea - Italy

I just bought a Jensen P12Q for Fender Deluxe 57 reissue. I had a P12R in there for the last 7 months with which i have been very pleased. I think now that this P12Q might be the new replacement. In comparison, it has a sweeter and smoother treble, mids are about the same and the bass if anything is slightly warmer. Not really a huge difference at all. The P12Q adds a little more character or color while the P12R is a more neutral sound to your guitar's own tone. Both are great and this is a new speaker but I'm sure it will really shine when it breaks in just as the P12R did.


The P12Q is excellent.

Walter in Somerset, MA

I've been playing guitar for nearly 50 years and designing and building speakers systems for musicians for more then 40 years. I bought a new Trace Elliot Bass amp a few years back that had a Jensen MOD12-70. It ended up in my Fender Deluxe, exactly the sound I've been searching for for years. Now I've got another MOD12-70 and P12Q, they make all other speakers sound muddy (no not Mr. Waters). All my amps are being changed to Jensen. If it ain't broke don't fix it.

Reinhard in Gehrden, Germany

Well, finally my P12R fried on my 1955 Fender Deluxe. I had a gig so I put in a new P12Q. The amp has opened up more than I expected. My amp tech commented that he had to place the (57) at fifteen degree off axis to compensate for the increase in volume. I usually carry a Mesa Boogie Studio 22 with a 90 watt Black Shadow as a backup amp, but it doesn't look like I'll need it. You guys Rock!!

JS in Highland Park, IL

I recently fitted a Jensen P12Q into my Fender Blues Junior III Red Sparkle FSR and what a huge improvement over the standard speaker, which was a Celestion Greenback G12H which itself is a fine speaker but a bit bright and harsh compared to the P12Q which is much warmer and smoother in tone and breaks up just nice when driven.

Denis in Lancashire, UK

Great speakers. Liked them so much I picked up a C12N, P12Q and MOD 12-50 to re-do three respective new amps to give them a more vintage tone.

Brian in Greenwood, IN