Jet Series

Jet Series

Sharing the same sense of innovation as the original Jensen musical instrument speakers, the Jensen Jet is the newest addition to the Jensen line. By listening to what players wanted in a speaker and utilizing the newest materials Jensen continues to transform the music industry by making speakers with unparalleled tone.

The Blackbird, with its 100 watts of pure AlNiCo tone, is the highest watt AlNiCo speaker ever made. This slick black speaker sings at all altitudes of play with a smooth modern tone, giving you that "one with the amp” feel that you’ve been seeking. The Blackbird is available in both a 10" and 12" version.

The first musical instrument speakers used in guitar amplifiers, Jensen speakers are known primarily for their vintage tone. The original Jensen speakers' Alnico magnet was well liked by musicians for the way it responded to the player's touch. Today's musicians seeking that same Alnico feel with more modern tone and more power will be completely satisfied by the Blackbird.

The new Tornado Stealth line of speakers are featherweight neodymium speakers with remarkable sound. The Stealths come in three varieties, each with a unique tonal character.

The Electric Lightning is a true “in your face” Rock n’ Roll speaker that can handle the heaviest of playing styles and is designed for loud applications.

The Falcon’s tone is warm and full bodied with lows that are rich and fat. It responds to overdrive distortion with a colorful crunch. The secret magical green cone is specially designed to ensure optimum tone, no matter what style of music.