Vintage Neo

Vintage Neo

The Jensen Vintage Neo Series is where classic tone meets modern design. Born from a collaborative effort with the world’s leading amplifier producers, Jensen is proud to present a series of speakers that capture the time-honored tone of the vintage designs using neodymium magnets. Comprehensive analysis along with feedback from expert engineers and musicians has culminated in an authentic Jensen experience featuring all of the advantages of neodymium construction.

With the Vintage Neo Series, musicians can expect to hear their favorite Jensen sounds. Original Jensen speakers were meticulously evaluated to ensure that the neodymium counterparts deliver the same tone and feel, down to the most subtle characteristics. Vintage Neo speakers not only preserve the voices of the most cherished amplifiers but also massively reduce their weight. These super lightweight speakers, often half the weight of the ceramic magnet equivalents, pair perfectly with any combo amp or speaker cabinet.

As one of the first companies building great-sounding neodymium guitar speakers, Jensen’s decades of experience shine in the Vintage Neo series. Intensive examination of guitarists’ favorite speakers helped to develop neodymium speakers that produce the clarity of an alnico speaker with the low end of a ceramic speaker. Musicians and amp builders have long requested the return of a full neodymium line and Jensen is excited to meet that demand with the Vintage Neo Series.

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