C12D Angled View

At last, full range speakers designed and built for guitar tone. The Jensen D-Series is an innovative speaker line developed for the new generation of digital modeling, profiling and IR-based guitar systems. The D-Series speakers are also excellent in acoustic guitar amplifiers.
These speakers retain the core elements of the traditional guitar speakers with lightweight cellulose cone membranes and integrated paper surrounds. Additionally, they feature an innovative horn-like loading in front of the voice coil developed to produce a frequency response that extends well beyond a basic guitar speaker. This ensures a clear, transparent rendition of the reverbs, delays, and all other time-based effects, as well as the rich harmonic content of a high-gain lead sound.
The organic and expressive sound of the Jensen D Series speakers does not rely on complex, expensive two-way systems and crossovers, but rather on a finely tuned acoustic design and directivity pattern. The Jensen D-Series speakers are as easy to install and use as traditional guitar speakers. They ensure a familiar feel and response, while providing a full range of tone for the next generation of players.

Speaker Diameter Rated Power Impedances Lows Mids Highs Overdrive
C12D Angled View C12D
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12" 150 watts 4 Ω, 8 Ω Clear Warm Sparkling Rich
Guitarist Description: The C12D was the missing component from my modelling rig. The full range response captures the complex tones of the amp and IR cab but pushes them in a way that feels and sounds like a traditional guitar stack.
N12D Angled View N12D
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12" 150 watts 4 Ω, 8 Ω Tight Articulate Transparent Dynamic
Guitarist Description: Playing a modelling amp through the PA made loading in easy but I lost the feel and control I used to have on stage with a traditional rig. The lightweight N12D gave me the best of both worlds putting the cabinet back on stage without the worry of inconsistency in my sound from venue to venue.
Gaskets - for speaker cabinets Gaskets - for speaker cabinets
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Set of speaker gaskets for spacing/protection of your Jensen speaker. These will work in any cabinet, and are especially popular in Leslie cabinets. Four gaskets is enough for one speaker.