Mod Series

Mod Series

The Jensen Mod Series is said to be “Modern, with a touch of English”. Major advancements in equipment technology and the introduction of new playing styles made it necessary to develop this speaker line, which is geared to the more modern player. The same diligence and dedication put into reissuing the original Jensen® Vintage sound was used in developing the Jensen® MOD® line of speakers. These speakers sound clear and transparent with just a hint of their British rival’s sound.

The MOD® speakers are produced with the finest materials available, and are recommended for all types of music at all volume levels. They allow the player to hear the amplifier most efficiently while giving the musician flexibility in sound and power.

The MOD® Series is the most versatile of all the Jensen® speaker lines. MODs® are available in many sizes (5", 6", 8", 10", 12", and 15" diameters) with a wide variety of wattages and impedances.

The 70 watt MOD® is perfect for a 4 x 12” cabinet because it embraces the classic Marshall™ Tone. After determining your amplifier output and impedance (ohm rating), you are ready to choose the MOD® speaker that is right for you!

The 50 watt MOD® 10" is available in 32 ohms, which is perfect for Ampeg™ 6x10 SVT cabinet, as it embraces the classic Ampeg™ Tone with the power to handle the high gain tube output of the SVT.

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