10" Falcon 40

10" Falcon 40

General Characteristics
Nominal Overall Diameter 259 mm 10 in
Nominal Voice Coil Diameter 32 mm 1.26 in
Magnet Weight 426 g 15 oz
Overall Weight 1.6 kg 3.53 lbs
Flux Density 1.1 T
Voice Coil Winding Depth 9 mm 0.35 in
Magnetic Gap Depth 6 mm 0.24 in
Thiele-Small Parameters
Nominal Impedance 16Ω
Voice Coil DC Resistance RE 6.16 Ω 12.32 Ω
Resonance Frequency ƒS 114.4 Hz 119 Hz
Mechanical Q Factor QMS 15.37 17.27
Electrical Q Factor QES 2.34
Total Q Factor QTS 1.15 2.06
Mechanical Moving Mass MMS 18.2 g 18.9 g
Mechanical Compliance CMS 106 µm/N 95 µm/N
Force Factor BxL 7.09 Wb/m 8.61 Wb/m
Equivalent Acoustic Volume VAS 16.4 lt. 14.6 lt.
Maximum Linear Displacement XMAX ± 1.5 mm ± 1.5 mm
Reference Efficiency nO 1.48 % 1.01 %
Diaphragm Area SD 330.1 cm2 330.1 cm2
Losses Electrical Resistance RES 59.1 Ω 90.9 Ω
Voice Coil Inductance @ 1kHz LE 0.69 mH 1.02 mH
Constructive Characteristics
Magnet Ferrite
Voice Coil Winding Copper
Voice Coil Former Epotex
Cone Material Paper
Surround Material Integrated Paper
Dust Dome Material Non-treated Cloth
Basket Material Pressed Sheet Steel
Surround Treatment Yes
Electrical Characteristics
Nominal Impedance 16Ω
Rated Power 40 W 40 W
Musical Power 80 W 80 W
Sensitivity@1W,1m 95 dB 93.4 dB
40 watts
Available in 8Ω, 16Ω

A very successful and versatile 10”, the Falcon 10 adds a new dimension of openness to the classic, fat and warm tone of its 12” version. The seamed cone membrane delivers an unexpected bass response for its 10” size and it is balanced perfectly with its sweet, yet cutting and present high end. 

Guitarist Description
Warm, straightforward tone with a pronounced low end. When presented with overdrive distortion, it presents some mean fuzz.
Specification Sheet
Product Dimensions
Note: all dimensions are in mm.
User Reviews
As a great fan of Neo-Tornado, I had no problem tryin' out Falcon also. Neo is in my Dynacord Jazz '63, which is AC15-like EL84 machine with about 18W. Falcon is now in my Dynacord KV10 (1957), which came originally with German Elbau-alnico (about 8,7" / 22 cm) . I tried first P10Q, it was not bad, but ECL82/6BM8-power tube section made sound too harsh. P10Q is by all means great speaker, but this time light-weight ceramic speaker was "spot on".
Janne from Finland

Have several Fender Princetons, I'm always looking for that perfect 10 ! Took a chance on this one and got lucky. Its great sounding with smooth highs and nice full & tight mids/lows. Its one of my favorite speakers!

Richard Howard

I bought two 10" Jet Falcon speakers as an upgrade for my Peavey Delta Blues amp. The results were beyond any of my expectations. These speakers opened up this amp and enhanced the string to string definition improving the articulation and touch sensitivity. Since the Peavey classic series is known to have less bass than other brands, this speaker's abundant bass was the perfect prescription and now I have all the bass I could possibly want without having to resort to "mods" on the circuit. The mids are pushed a bit over their classic speakers but not excessively, and the highs are smooth and chimey with no ice pick tones. All in all this speaker is a winner in all categories and the price point is amazing. I'm beginning to see them offered in high end boutique amps and predict they will be a replacing a lot of Celestion and Eminence brands in the near future. They were PERFECT for my Peavey!!!


Just want to let you know that I used a 10 inch Falcon speaker in my amp build. It is a fantastic speaker very responsive, clear as a bell and a nice warm tone. The bass is just awesome and when overdrived it gives a nice growl but never gets muddy. I am extremely happy with it and want to thank you for recommending it to me. I will always use a Jensen speaker in future projects.