Finding your Tone

Musicians are always looking for the right tone; many may spend a lifetime trying to find and perfect it. You can greatly improve or modify your tone simply by changing your speakers – and it's easy! Check out our helpful wiring diagram information or recommended replacements for your amp You may find it so easy that you will even want to do it based on the type of music, gig, or venue you are playing.

Speakers come in many varieties and with different characteristics - size, impedance, wattage, and magnet materials. Deciding which speaker to use can be a daunting decision; we simplify the process for you by providing accurate, easy-to-find information with sound samples for your style of music.

Silverbird 10 Back Photo


Introducing the new 10" Silverbird and 12" Silverbird

The Silverbird speakers are designed to provide an eminently versatile array of tones, retaining the distinct vintage character of their Reinforced AlNiCo ancestors, the Blackbird 40 speakers, but in a more affordable platform. Specific attention was paid to the top-end response, carefully tailored to make the Silverbird speakers well-suited to overdrive and high-gain applications. Additionally, they feature a more contemporary frequency curve on their respective treble ranges.

The Silverbird line utilizes a new 1 ½” (38mm) aluminum-wound voice coil with a Kapton former, designed to retain the trademark clarity of the Jensen clean tones, paired with a smooth, progressive contour of the top-end response; this response is tailored to grant openness with clean and pushed tones, and the necessary smoothness to keep the upper harmonics of the high-gain tones under control. The medium-sized Ceramic magnets provide the necessary strength for generous-yet-tight bass, while the new cone membranes, with a specific treatment on the paper surrounds, deliver a balanced response in the midrange and “presence” zone.

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Jensen® Special Design


Jensen Loudspeakers provide the richest and most dynamic sound in the industry. Jensen speakers assist you in having an incredible performance, regardless of your genre and style. Jensen speakers provide excellent, high-quality, great-sounding speaker options for your unique sound. Prized for tone and an industry staple, Jensen performance has been with us for decades.


Jensen Loudspeakers have a long history. Founded in 1927 by Peter Jensen, one of the co-inventors of the loudspeaker, Jensen began producing commercial amplifier loudspeakers in the 1940s. See our History Page for more information about the history of Jensen loudspeakers.