12" Tornado Stealth 65

12" Tornado Stealth 65

General Characteristics
Nominal Overall Diameter 307 mm 12 in
Nominal Voice Coil Diameter 44 mm 1.73 in
Magnet Weight 200 g 7 oz
Overall Weight 2.2 kg 4.85 lbs
Flux Density 1.04 T
Voice Coil Winding Depth 11 mm 0.43 in
Magnetic Gap Depth 8 mm 0.31 in
Thiele-Small Parameters
Nominal Impedance 16Ω
Voice Coil DC Resistance RE 6.16 Ω 12.2 Ω
Resonance Frequency ƒS 83.2 Hz 80.2 Hz
Mechanical Q Factor QMS 11.18 11.62
Electrical Q Factor QES 1.43
Total Q Factor QTS 0.95 1.27
Mechanical Moving Mass MMS 28.7 g 28.4 g
Mechanical Compliance CMS 128 µm/N 139 µm/N
Force Factor BxL 9.41 Wb/m 11.05 Wb/m
Equivalent Acoustic Volume VAS 43.5 lt. 47.3 lt.
Diaphragm Area SD 490.9 cm2 490.9 cm2
Voice Coil Inductance @ 1kHz LE 0.58 mH 1.06 mH
Constructive Characteristics
Magnet Neodymium
Voice Coil Winding Aluminum
Voice Coil Former Fiberglass
Cone Material Paper
Surround Material Integrated Paper
Dust Dome Material Non-treated Cloth
Basket Material Pressed Sheet Steel
Surround Treatment Yes
Electrical Characteristics
Nominal Impedance 16Ω
Rated Power 65 W 65 W
Musical Power 130 W 130 W
Sensitivity@1W,1m 97 dB 95.5 dB
65 watts
Available in 8Ω, 16Ω

Few speakers speak ‘classic rock’ like the Neodymium powered Tornado Stealth 65. Sharing a similar 1 ¾” voice coil design with the Nighthawk, it delivers vintage and modern rock tones with ease and authority. With a well-controlled top end, a typical British-voiced midrange and fat, warm bass range, the Tornado Stealth 65 is an ideal choice for classic flavored rock tones. Very easy to drive for any amplifier, it allows even the smaller sized open back combo amps to rock with bigger-than-life tones.

Guitarist Description
Warm low end, relaxed mids and rounded highs. Responds to overdrive distortion with easy breakup and punch.
Specification Sheet
Product Dimensions
Note: all dimensions are in mm.
User Reviews

I recently bought a Marshall Silver Jubilee 2525C and I wasn’t 100% satisfied with the tone of the speaker. Nothing wrong with a greenback but maybe not in this specific amp I think. I think it was to0 bright. I tested three different speakers that I had on the shelf.  I started to Google and I decided to take a chance with the Tornado Stealth 65 that seemed to be exactly what I was after. This was the perfect match for my little jubilee. Not super efficient and not too bass heavy. It has bass and lower mids but not too much and the higher frequencies are perfect, that was the weakness with the greenback but not with the Stealth 65. I would say the description on the site is a honest one. I have now the Swamp Thang in a 1x12 cab ready to use together with the internal Stealth 65 in case I need more volume. Great speaker and it is great with the cleans too.