Founded by guitarist and engineer Alexander Yerasof in 1988, Yerasov Music Corporation is a manufacturer of professional audio equipment. The focus is providing equipment for small venue installation, and our key mission and objective is designing and manufacturing high quality tube guitar and bass amplifiers for all kinds of musicians.

Yerasov amplifier designs are rooted into the tradictional, vintage-style tones and look, but also carry on board many original features that open up their reach to the most modern genres.

One of the most important aspects of YMC is in the very stringent and demanding selection of the components, and particularly of the speakers.

The main choice for Yerasov is Jensen Speakers.

The perfect example is one of our most successful amplifiers, the GTA-15, winner of the 'Amp of the Year – 2013' Award, by the british magazine "Guitar&Bass", that features a Vintage Reissue Jensen C10Q

The C10Q is perfect for crystal clean sounds, as well as for juicy, fat crunch tones. It delivers a very intelligible tone, even in the higher gain situations, and is very touch responsive, among other qualities. With the obvious differences among all the speakers that Jensen offers, we find these basic qualities to be spreaded across the range, like a sort of common DNA.

This is the key reason why we consider Jensen Speakers as our preferred choice for our range of guitar/bass combo amps and cabinets.