Mod 5-30

General Characteristics for 8Ω
Nominal Overall Diameter129 mm.5 in.
Nominal Voice Coil Diameter25 mm.1.00 in.
Magnet Weight380 g13.40 oz
Overall Weight2.15 lbs
Flux Density1.10 T
Thiele-Small Parameters for 8Ω
Voice Coil DC ResistanceRE6.00 Ω
Resonance FrequencyƒS125.0 Hz
Mechanical Q FactorQMS7.48
Electrical Q FactorQES0.94
Total Q FactorQTS0.84
Mechanical Moving MassMMS4.3 g
Mechanical ComplianceCMS378 µm/N
Force FactorBxL4.59 Wb/m
Equivalent Acoustic VolumeVAS3.3 lt.
Maximum Linear DisplacementXMAX±0.50 mm
Reference EfficiencynO0.66 %
Diaphragm AreaSD78.5 cm2
Losses Electrical ResistanceRES47.0 Ω
Voice Coil Inductance @ 1kHzLE0.19 mH
Constructive Characteristics for 8Ω
Voice Coil WindingCopper
Voice Coil FormerEpotex
Cone MaterialPaper
Surround MaterialTreated Cloth
Dust Dome MaterialNon-treated Cloth
Basket MaterialPressed Sheet Steel
Electrical Characteristics for 8Ω
Rated Power30 W
Musical Power60 W
Sensitivity@1W,1m91.5 dB
30 watts
  • Ohms:

This 5" speaker packs 30 watts of power. It is a great replacement for Trace Elliot amps.

User Reviews

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I got a 5" Mod series 8ohm speaker that I put into a 9V powered solid state combo guitar amp that I built from scratch with electronics from Radio Shack in the gutted case of an old Macintosh Plus computer which I gave to my pro-guitar player brother-in-law as a Christmas present! If you ever saw the hottie toaster amp, well that was my inspiration - 1/2 watt with a warm vintage sound (courtesy of Jensen), a gain pot, and a fat/lean switch.
And it sounds sweet, thanks in no small part to the Jensen vintage speaker. This must be true since it was the only thing in the whole deal that was used as it was originally intended.
I'm going to use the Mod series 6 speaker (I wish that came in an 8ohm as well as 4ohm) in the next one that I build. But that has to wait until I finish my current project which is a guitar amp housed in an an old Kodak Brownie Hawkeye Flash camera with a speaker/grill where the flashbulb sits.