Jensen Builder Profiles

Jensen is know for it’s unique and versatile tone, amp builders all over the world use Jensen speakers in their own creative way as their speaker of choice. Below you will find a spotlight on some of the manufactures that use Jensen speakers. Click on each builder to read their story. If you use Jensens in your amp builds and are interested in being featured here, we want to hear from you! Contact us and tell us how you use Jensen speakers!
Armored Amps
Fort Walton Beach, Florida
Breach Amps
Cactus Ampworks
Phoenix, AZ
Carr Amplifiers
North Carolina
Devilcat Amplifiers
Statesboro, Georgia
FireBelly Amps
Santa Monica, California
Golden Ratio Amplifiers
Ontario, California
Baltimore, Maryland
Jonesy Amps
San Angelo, Texas
Mad Professor Amplification
Sioux Guitars
Sioux City, Iowa
Swampdonkey Amplifiers
Alberta, Canada
Zeppelin Design
Chicago, Illinois