Armored Amps

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Armored Amps

Fort Walton Beach, Florida
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Armored Amps

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Built for Battle...

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We spend every waking minute searching for the tone that will captivate it's audience...From the sweet creamy tones of yesterday to the hi-gain metal tones of today. We strive to provide what you want, not what the industry says is Hot! Which is why we install Jensen.

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Each amplifier is hand-built with the absolute highest quality components, and includes all the versatility the modern musician demands. We provide models for every style musician from the Bedroom to the Studio to the Stage! Whether we're at the design table developing new ideas or recreating the iconic tones of yesterday, one thing holds true... It will have a Jensen! An amplifier's speaker relays the story your fingers are writing, so we went through great lengths to choose nothing less than the best. After testing numerous manufacturers and models, we found our gem! The Jensen Electric Lightning. The EL offers tight articulate driven notes and brilliant clean tones. The absolute best of both worlds. With models like the 7 watt MantleAmp, 30 watt PeepShow, 40/80 watt Southern Comfort Models, 50/100 watt Vintage Prophecy and the infamous 80/150 watt MRAP line, we are sure to have a tone for you.

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