Zeppelin Design

Chicago, Illinois

Zeppelin Design Labs combines the talents of two engineers: Brach, an expert audio products designer; and Glen, a veteran project manager. Our team also includes three lava lamps, two plasma balls and a rhododendron.

We started in 2011 doing freelance audio product design, working from a broom closet, and have since started releasing some of our products for sale direct to the end user. In 2015 we moved from the broom closet to a reclaimed rest room in the back corner of a Chicago warehouse.

We at ZDL love what we do, and are particularly interested in supporting the do-it-yourself audio community. With a passion for enabling others to experience the fulfillment of creating their own audio gear, we offer all of our products as a DIY kit - but we also offer fully assembled versions of our products for those who have not yet been bitten by the DIY bug.

We hope our customers enjoy building and using our products at least half as much as we enjoy developing them.

We chose Jensen's C8R for the Percolator, our one-tube, 2-watt guitar amp. The ceramic magnet offers good headroom, allowing the amp's rich harmonic content to shine through. The C8R is very responsive and dynamically open without hindering the amp's tube compression. The bright frequency response of the speaker really pairs well with the Percolator's naturally warm tone. We've been very pleased with Jensen speakers because they are reliable and consistently sound great.