Swampdonkey Amplifiers

Alberta, Canada

Swampdonkey Amplifiers was launched in 2006 using original designs with the intent of bringing improved tone and extremely reliable tools to electric guitarists. Hand crafted with the highest quality components, Swampdonkey Amplifiers have amazing dynamics and frequency response. Our designs always have to deliver the best clean tones possible AND deliver great distortion profiles for a particular amp model. We design and build in our shop located in the Alberta foothills and deliver around the world. We currently build amps for studio, stage and touring with power yields from 5 watts to over 120 watts. We have models designed for specific musical genres and playing styles and also amps that can be used for almost any style of playing.

When we embark on a new design, we start by determining what a new amp will bring to the artist and with that in mind, we first select the right speaker for the job. Our “Moosette” amp is the perfect example of this. Once a basic prototype was working on the bench, extensive speaker testing began. The Jensen P12Q was found to be the best at delivering a wide range, crystal clear clean tone that would hold together as the amp transitions into distortion. The Moosette has been our most popular model thus far and has been sold across North America to a wide variety of guitarists for use on stage and in the studio. We’ve tested the Moosette with several boutique speakers currently available and although they all sound great, the Jensen P12Q continues to be our first choice for it’s balanced tone and ability to be consistently great sounding with a variety of guitars and playing styles.