Supro Amps

New York, New York

Supro celebrates the history of Golden Era amplifiers by offering faithful reissues and new, professional-grade designs based on the original Supro combos of the 50s and 60s—heard on some of the most iconic Rock and Roll records of all time. Featuring the instantly recognizable warmth of a Class A power section, Supro amps offer full-bodied clean tones and sweet, gushing overdrive, often paired with analog spring reverb, tremolo and a host of other features.

At Supro, our Product Development team is in constant pursuit of perfecting our sound. Having incorporated C8R speakers into the '64 reissue series and the P12Q into the 1x12 Black Magick combo, Supro and Jensen have paired together to deliver one of the most sought after tones in all of rock history. In the smaller '64 reissue series amps, a 1x8 format and Jensen C8R allows for the perfect balance between at-home tone and recording studio ripping, with zero compromise at either end of the spectrum. There's an undeniable sparkle and clarity to the tone that is maintained even when pushed into full-on distortion. The speaker has a liveliness to it that can be felt immediately by the player.

For our Black Magick combo, incorporating the Jensen P12Q was the perfect move to push that amp even closer to the original 1959 Supro owned by Jimmy Page and featured across early Led Zeppelin records. Also featured in the first “Holy Grail” amplifiers of the 50s, the P12Q is the exact type of well-rounded speaker that effortlessly complements a wide range of dynamics, from crisp, articulate playing to brash rocking. This allows the Black Magick to offer warm, balanced tone and excellent bite in the upper-mids. It is an unabashed rock machine that feels powerful the moment you plug in. 

Supro is proud to work with the legendary Jensen Speakers. We share a tireless pursuit of tone and feel a strong kinship with their brand. We look forward to continuing to work together.