SonoChorde Amplifiers and Speaker Enclosures

Dedham, MA

New England based SonoChorde continues an audio legacy that began in the 1920s. Stephen Boudette is the sole proprietor and continues audio innovation started by the Boudette Manufacturing Company of Everett Massachusetts founded in the early 1920s.

Guitar amp production capacity is very small (building only 12-20 amps yearly) making them truly "craft" amps. All aspects of manufacturing is done in-house by one person including chassis and cabinet. Both are built using a select combination new, reclaimed and repurposed materials as to capture an aged resonance and feel.

Designed for the working musician, designs are original and not interpretations of any specific classic.

As of 2017, Sonochorde offers the MILF series. It is a reaction to feedback from gigging professionals. It is light and powerful enough for the most common type of smaller venues these days. It is simple with minimal but effective "wide range" controls. This simplicity is born out of an idea of an unadulterated musical platform to meet the current trend of boutique pedals and pickups.

The 60/30 watt MILF CA7 was designed around the JJ EL-34 and the Jensen Stealth 100. The 40/18 watt MILF L6 was designed around the JJ-6L6GC. Originally designed around the Jensen C12N, the L6 was redesigned slightly in 2018 to capture the capabilities of the new Jensen Raptor.

The decision to exclusively use JJ was based on the Apex matching and performance numbering system as to make it possible for owners to readily replace tubes without biasing.