Sioux Guitars

Sioux City, Iowa

Jensen is an iconic brand, and Jensen speakers have produced the vintage tones that Sioux Guitars fell in love with decades ago. Sioux Guitars was built on the radical idea that those same speakers could be used to create exciting, unique sounds for a new generation of musicians. Each amp is handcrafted with that classic quality for which Jensen is known, with a modern and provocative tone and look for today’s guitar slingers.

Sioux Guitars likes to find new sounds by mixing and matching this dirty pre-amp with those power tubes that aren't traditionally used in a dirty amp, and these Jensen speakers that were known for a sparkly clean tone to something new. Our amps are just amps and can handle anything you want to put in them from six string to bass, electric piano or organ, blow a harmonica mic thru them, etc.

Our favorite speaker is the C15K, 15" Classic Ceramic because modern taste in music has gone for deeper, more full bodied tones. We prefer using a full bodied speaker to capture your highs and lows with clarity vs. using speaker designed for midrange.