Mad Professor Amplification


Operation of Mad Professor started in 2002 when the first product, CS40 amplifier was introduced.

Mad Professor Amplification Ltd was founded by Harri Koski (CEO ) and Jukka Mönkkönen, in 2006. The company started to create an effect pedals selection and also more amplifiers were added to the production line along the way.

The Mad Professor team has a prolonged experience of working with vintage guitars, amplifiers and pedals. A notable collection of vintage gear has served as a good knowledge base for understanding the history of guitar tones. Old school rock 'n' roll guitar sounds have always been close to the hearts at Mad Professor. Or any good sound for that matter!

Light weight being the word in everybody's mouth today lead us to trying to find a solution to create those sounds in lighter formats. We tried the neodymium speakers when they were first introduced, but found them lacking something compared to the old ceramic speakers. Being also a bit pricey at the beginning, we forgot the neodymium speakers for a while. Until we were designing a small and light, but big sounding cabinet, the Porter112. Now the prices were better and there were more options. We got to try the Jensen Tornado speaker.

Jensen Tornado Neodymium 100W speaker was what we had been looking for. It sounds very balanced reminding us about the vintage British speakers with a little bit of american flavor too. We were able to finish the new innovative light weight cabinet design using the Jensen speaker. All this lead us to change the speakers in our combo amps to the Jensen Tornado speakers as well, as we got the combos a little lighter too and sounding even better.