Jonesy Amps

San Angelo, Texas

Jonesy Amps started back in 2006 when a long lost musician friend contacted me to talk about the custom guitar amps I was building. At the time, I hadn’t even considered building my own amps. What a great idea! I had an Electrical Engineering background and the idea of building my own amps suddenly seemed like something that I would really enjoy - and so it was born. What was once a misunderstanding has now become an obsession!

Since that time, we have built numerous amplifiers of various sizes and designs. Each amp is built to the exact specifications of the player using the best components available without putting the end product out of the player’s budget. We look at both the sonic requirements (How loud? What Tubes? What tone?) and the physical requirements (Combo or Head? Vinyl or Stained? Lightweight or Heavy Duty?) and combine those attributes into a "forever" amp. Jensen has been a huge part in the design process as they have a fantastic variety of speakers at very reasonable prices.

One of our favorite speakers is the Jensen Vintage Alnico P10R. This speaker works very nicely with American style 4x10 cabinets as well as our combo amps. I’m a firm believer that something magical happens when you couple two or more speakers together so I always try to use them in pairs or quads. I’ve also used the Jensen Ceramic C10Q in these same amps and been very happy!

“You know you are Jonesing for a Jonesy!”
Please visit our website at or drop me an email – I’d love to hear your ideas.
- Jonesy