Harmony Amps


Established in 1892, Harmony is warmly remembered by many musicians for starting their lifelong journey into music and for being a well-loved part of a musician’s story from one generation to the next. Originally the world's largest maker of guitars, amplifiers, ukuleles, banjos and violins, the brand officially entered a new era in 2018 when it was reintroduced to the world. Today, Harmony carries a refreshed lineup of electric guitars, including popular models like the Comet and Silhouette, amplifiers and accessories that are inspired by the past, designed for the present and crafted to last into the future.

The Series 6 Amplifiers marks the next chapter in Harmony’s storybook — expanding their lineup with a new family of amplifiers that give modern players the opportunity to have their sound, their way. Designed for the biggest stages to the smallest spaces, the Harmony Series 6 Amplifiers boast a number of features: all-tube pre-amp and power amp section, Italian-made Jensen speakers, built-in attenuator and a footswitchable boost channel, FX loop, analog reverb and tremolo.

The flagship model H650 is made for the biggest stages you can imagine. It delivers a multitude of tones for any place or time. The Jensen Tornado Stealth 65, selected for the H650, is designed to deliver an even, balanced tone, equally suited to all degrees of gain, with a bold, authoritative character. And, thanks to its 2nd generation Neodymium magnet, the Tornado Stealth 65 shaves off quite a bit of weight, without losing one ounce of tone.

The H620 is perfect for any studio sessions, practices or mid-sized gigs, delivering sweet sounds at the edge of breakup. The Jensen Falcon 12 in the H620 fits nicely in this sonic landscape, with its deep, powerful bass range, and a silky-smooth top end.

Lastly, guitarists can play comfortably in small spaces or bedrooms, without ever compromising on quality with the H605. The 8” AlNiCo Jensen P8R from the Vintage series matches beautifully with the 5W power section character. The amp sounds nice and elegant at times, yet can be loud and bold when pushed.

Harmony and Jensen share common values that present a connection with the past and a sense of continuity into the future. We are proud to use Jensen speakers on our amplifiers and appreciate their dedication to craft and excellent workmanship in building some of the most responsive speakers in the world. We look forward to creating well-loved products for musicians across the globe together for many years to come.