Baltimore, Maryland

Goodtone amplifiers are based on classic tube designs with features that allow the user to alter the tone in meaningful ways like cathode or fixed bias switching, tube or solid state rectifier switching and tone stack re-configuration. For the best possible tone all amplifiers use carbon resistors, polypropylene capacitors, Mercury Magnetics transformers and either Weber or Jensen speakers. All wiring is point to point or tagboard for reliability and ease of service. Cabinets are finger jointed pine for durability and tone.

I have been an electrical engineer for 36 years designing circuits for radar and communications systems. On weekends I gig with my band so electric guitar has always been a part of my life and in my quest for the ultimate tone I have applied my professional and musical experience to building vintage style tube amplifiers. All my designs are gig tested by myself and other musicians I trust to ensure are reliable and great sounding final product.

I am currently developing new products including pedals so check my website often for updates.

I use Jensen speakers in Goodtone Amplifiers because of the great value. The MOD speakers are incredibly versatile allowing for stunning clean tones with rich mids and a smooth not shrill high end. They also hold up extremely well with distorted tones maintaining excellent note definition and bass response. The Jet Falcon is a superclean sounding speaker rivaling the tone of a classic JBL at a fraction of the weight.