Golden Ratio Amplifiers

Ontario, California

Ultra quiet. Designed for the Pro Studio.

Inspired by the Hi-Fi Era of sound, Golden Ratio Amplifiers brings everything great about Hi-Fi to guitars through the 1x12" combo.

With a special focus on signal path and ultra-reliability, this amplifier will bring out the truth, clarity, and beauty of any guitar.

An amplifier of this quality deserves the best loudspeaker. Inside you will find a top of the line Jensen P12N alnico speaker that will deliver lush tone and rich response.

Explore more tone options by toggling between two voice settings. Switch between rich and full tube breakup or keep it clean with lower power output.

Our music deserves the best equipment. This no compromise design ensures that you will be able to deliver your performance without convoluted or parasitic circuitry getting in the way. If you are looking to simplify your process and discover pure tone, then you have found what you are looking for in the Golden Ratio Amplifier.

We invite you to listen.