FireBelly Amps

Santa Monica, California

FireBelly Amps is owned and operated by the father and son team of Steven & Scott. We have successfully “nailed” the tone of hand- built vintage tube amplifiers from the 1950s and early 1960s by focusing on the signal path with upgraded components, proprietary wiring styles and additional controls such as an extended mid pot, a Master that really works, a mid-fat boost that lifts part of the tone stack and proper filtering for a clean and tight bass. We also dramatically upgrade the power supply rail so your amp does not sound out of tune at high volume levels. Our sole purpose it to produce the very best sounding amp that will become part of your instrument. Our amps also bring out the best playing abilities in our musicians and you can finally hear what your axe was really meant to sound like.

We are proud to be considered one of the top 10 amp builders in the country. Steven, our master builder, has over 45 years of experience in building guitar tube amplifiers. Every amp is “dripping with tone” and becomes the other half of your instruments. As Keith Richards says, the relationship between a guitar and amp is a marriage. When you plug into the right amp - “Oh, yeah! There it is! Meet the wife!”

In achieving the tonal spectrum that surpasses any other boutique builder or anything off the shelf Jensen speakers are our final component in the tone chain. We match every amp with the perfect Jensen speaker. A Deluxe Reverb is naturally fitted with the flagship P12N Alnico while our Princeton Reverb gets a 12” Jensen Jet. Our Tweed Jr. compresses at its perfect sweet spot with a Jensen Ceramic C8R while our Vibrolux Reverb goes vintage with a pair of P10Qs.

If you have been searching for a vintage tube amp where every note drips like honey, where the verb is lush, where the tremolo is subtle to intense and the tone puts you on the edge of a mountain of vibe, visit our website at