Devilcat Amplifiers

Statesboro, Georgia

Devilcat Amplifiers was born out of two simple principles:
1. Make a high quality hand wired AMERICAN MADE amplifier.
2. Make it as affordable as possible.

Devilcat amplifiers are all hand-wired and handmade in Statesboro, GA (yes…. that Statesboro). At Devilcat, we don’t build one trick ponies. We like amplifiers that offer the musician a broader palate of tone. As performers, we know that different songs require a different sound. We feel that our amplifiers will give you that sound.

With as many American made parts as we could put into this amp (the cabinet, chassis, knobs, logo, handle, grille cloth, tolex, circuit board, and even the feet….), we strive to make the best American amplifier that we can.

We use Jensen Falcon speakers in our Class A Mr. Terry and Mean Jean models.

The Mr. Terry is used by Garth Brooks guitarist, Johnny Garcia (he owns two).