Cactus Ampworks

Phoenix, AZ

In 2006 Cactus Ampworks was founded by former Michael Schenker Guitar Technician and Professional Audio Engineer Chris Gebhart. Chris is also a long time professional guitar player. He wanted to get back to the true tone of the guitar, tubes and speaker.

Cactus Amps are a simple, straightforward approach to tube amps. We are focused on the pure sound of the guitar and amp. Not too many bells and whistles to muddle up the signal chain. All Cactus Ampworks amplifiers are quality point-to-point, hand-wired circuits. All speaker cabinets are solid poplar box joint construction. The Jensen Electric Lightning is the exclusive speaker of Cactus Ampworks! The Electric Lightning is a loud, throaty, in-your-face speaker! And we like that!! A quality Italian-produced speaker at a fair price. The Electric Lightning complements our chimey vintage-style circuits.