B & G Guitars

Tel Aviv, Israel

B & G Guitars is a new company, based in Tel Aviv (Israel), devoted to creating well-balanced, unique, and original instruments. They base their designs on the results of extensive research about what made the instruments of the “golden era” of the electric lutherie such timeless classics. Guitars like the Little Sister or the Caletta are perfect examples of the re-interpretation of those ancient designs, time-capsuled and brought into today’s world with contemporary features, playability and reliability, yet keeping the vintage feeling and experience intact. The same approach ignited the design of the Prototype Amplifier.

The B & G Prototype™ Amp is B & G Guitars' take on the classic tube amps of the 1950s and '60s. Inspired by the sound and design concepts of that era, combining the best features
of those classics with their own ideas and innovation. 
The main goal was to provide a great amount of clean headroom and to push the break-up threshold higher, without compromising the power and growl of the tube overdrive and compression. The 2x6V6, cathode-bias, tube-rectified Prototype™ amp features two additional foot-switchable gain stages, named “Angry” and “Dirty”, a push-pull Mid-Scoop function on the Volume knob for maximum versatility, and a genuine Accutronics spring reverb tank.
Each B & G Prototype™ amp is assembled in Israel by the B & G Private Build staff, with turret-board hand wiring. In order to provide that warm vintage sound, B & G went on a quest to source limited amounts of new-old-stock audio capacitors and find the perfect match between all components. 
To ensure the most appropriate tone, B & G Guitars selected for the Prototype™ amp one of the most classic speakers available, the Jensen P10R AlNiCo, which delivers a unique mix of sparkling cleans and gritty, earthy overdrive when pushed to the “sweet spot”.
This NOS capacitors edition is limited to 100 pieces worldwide.